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Protecting America since the second American Revolution - The invisible one


O.S.I.'s sole mission is protecting America from any threats, from within or out, by any means necessary. To that end, they have the ability to issue a License to Kill to their agents. The O.S.I. is extremely powerful due to its access to super science technology and training agents with abilities that are near super human. The organization has thousands of personnel and a noteworthy catalog of weapons and armor at their disposal. Notably, high ranking agents have a prominent single characteristic of their operations outfit.

Since 1965 OSI regulates the American hero and protagonist community. It's O.S.I. that sets the rules, assigns the bodyguards, and offers aide to counteract the villainous Guild of Calamitous Intent. O.S.I. also negotiates many of the most prominent treaties with The Guild. They also have the ability to gather various experts, from O.S.I., The Guild, and other organizations, when necessary to fight against a mutual threat.

OSI operatives roster

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